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Want to Start Up a New Business?


Having been there, we understand the thought of launching a new business can be daunting. Friends and family may be a good first source for capital, but, as we all know that money and understanding can grind very thin, very quickly.

Sometimes "real capital" is needed; more than is available from Sis and Dad. Our Basic Program provides a variety of services that aide client in forming and financing a start-up venture. Advance Business Capital helps focus on attainable business goals, aims the parties in the appropriate direction, and provides the financing tools and contacts needed to seek start up capital. After consultation, a business plan is developed, a marketing program is created, and advertising options are discussed.

  • Loan Package Preparation and Submission 
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Funding Advice
  • Assistance in Securing Capital
  • Preliminary Franchise Review (if applicable)
  • Analysis of Business Operation
  • Individual Consulting with Business Experts
  • Suggestions for Marketing Tactics
  • Information on Advertising Mediums