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What We Do

Advanced Business Capital is a one-stop shop for people interested in starting or expanding their business.  Every aspect of the process is covered.

Our staff is in daily contact with private lenders, equity funds, commercial banks, merchant banks, and others to keep our programs updated.  We consistently weed out those that are not interested in working with small business.

Having been there, we understand the thought of launching a new business can be daunting. Friends and family may be a good first source for capital. To be truthful, some companies do successfully start up with just that kind of funding. But, as we all know, that money and understanding can grind very thin, very quickly.

Sometimes "real capital" is needed; more than is available from Sis and Dad. And believe me, knocking on one bank door, after another, and another, is not only frustrating, but also probably not a smart use of your time.

Where do I get working capital? What if I need a loan to expand my business? Is franchising an option for me? What if I want to merge with a company, or acquire another? Where do I get the money for that?

Advanced Business Capital can help you get the funds you need whether you are just getting started or have been in business for years. We have a solid reputation with investors and lenders, a characteristic that proves to be quite advantageous for entrepreneurs.

You leverage our reputation to gain access to money resources that otherwise it might take you years to achieve. Most of our approvals occur in two to four days.

Ninety-five percent of all the new business that fail, fail for lack of adequate capital.

Keith McKenzie founded Advanced Business Capital 12 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio, to help people like you start and/or expand your business with adequate money in your company’s coffers. Add to that an Advanced Business Capital professional business plan, mentor counseling, and a fat "black book" full of quality lenders and equity sources, and your chances of success just got much, much better.