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Advanced Business Capital Business Lending

In addition to Advanced Business Capital's standard lending facilities (Working Capital, Factoring, Receivable Financing, Franchise financing, etc.), and its equity resources, the following more specialized loan facilities are also available for credit worthy borrowers:

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured funds available up to $100,000. Must have good personal credit.

Start Up Loans

Loans are available to get you started in business. Must have good credit and equity in your home.

Micro Loans

Small loans are available if you have good credit and are willing to sign personally.

Express Business Loans

$15,000 -- $100,000 is available now unsecured. Is your credit score over 650 ?? Have you been in business at least two years?? Approvals in 48 hours.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Loans are available for commercial real estate projects at good interest rates. Funds up to $6,000,000.

To find out more about our lending programs, call:

 216-514-7155 in Beachwood, OH
614 - 934-1817 in Cleveland, OH
604 - 844-2831 in Vancouver, BC
832-431-3014 in Houston, TX